Hemp genetics rows

The foundational element required to growing good hemp products is selecting the right hemp genetics for your plants. The hemp genetics are the cornerstone to producing quality products ranging from full-spectrum distillate or ​top-quality fiber. This quality is then transferred into the manufacturing of CBD oils or textile products such as plastics, clothing, concrete.  There are thousands of strains available today on the global market and this makes it hard to navigate for most companies and individuals trying to produce any type of quality and consistent product/line.  

Just like the saying goes – “The proof is in the pudding!” – INGREDIENTS MATTER.  We have a different approach when it comes to hemp genetics development than most, we take our time.  Through a strict set of SOPs, we put ALL of our genetics through testing, analysis, and selection to develop and stabilize the strongest, most compliant genetics possible for our clients’ end result.  It takes several generations of selective breeding and back-crossing to stabilize certain traits and create a consistent product our clients can trust and rely on.