hemp clones greenhouse

Starting with the best hemp clones is the building block to a successful yield at harvest.​  

This rigorous process, which can take several full growing cycles to complete, is necessary to deliver the highest quality and most stable clones and genetics possible to our client.  By producing quality hemp clones for our clients, we are helping them create their formula for success and the foundation to create the products of their dreams.  Quality is our number one focus when it comes to our plants, our process, our products, and our clients. As a result we strive to produce the best all-natural products available in the market, free of pathogens, pests, or any un-natural products.

we are locally grown and tested in Alabama and Tennessee and our clones and genetics have been specifically tested to thrive in Southern Soil. We currently carry 5 strains, each with valid COA’s, pesticide free. If you are interested in a purchase, please send us a message below, along with a PDF image of your license to grow. We will guide you through the rest of our process. We offer unparalleled assistance and customer support and will continue to help you tend to our unique strains after your purchase.